Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conformity and Compassion

 I recently attended a catholic christening of my best friends new baby girl last weekend. He and I ate lunch together every day for over 10 years. He knew where I stood spiritually and it was an honor to be invited and I had a wonderful visit. His daughter , Elizabeth Anne was anointed with every spiritual oil and sprinkled with water and a candle lit for her and given to the godfather. Now I was not selected to be the godfather as not being a catholic, someone from the church of their faith was.
 To be perfectly understood I am married to a catholic and all my children are christened (baptized) in the catholic church. I have no grievance with any of their practices which will attend if invited. I have held - presided at catholic funerals, given catholic prayers and services to the dying. I have also attended and spoken alongside of rabbis at Jewish services. Buried and prayed with dying persons of Jewish faith. I also will speak at an Islamic or Hindu service, Buddhist or Aboriginal if invited.
 What religion am I? I am not a religion - my belief is not to withhold compassion to anyone. There is a difference between conformity and compassion. My beliefs are Love, Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed. My God is all these.

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