Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Gathering

Family Gathering-
 It seems like more and more family gatherings are becoming scarce, we have evolved to interactive media types where people are easily replaced by virtual entities. Facebook and My Space has caught on like a storm and it seems one on one contact is being replaced by all this phenomena.

 I have a lot of relatives who are up in age not into the social media - who may not be here next year. Along with that there are lots of new babies being born who I may have not been invited to the baby shower, usually women are invited but men left out. I personally find babies interesting and like to watch them grow and keep track of their well being.

 This year we are having an annual re-union at a local park under a gazebo of approximately 200. I am especially involved being the family secretary. That means making many of the arrangements and often tell myself this may be the last year, but remember the reasons for such gatherings. We always have the few complaints about the location , the food or the dates. You cannot please everyone and it is really about the quality time together. If it is important enough they will show up otherwise enjoy the ones who do.

 What does family have in common with faith - it is not really a time to get preachy - it is not church.
It is a time to show love and set an example to the younger kids and youth. Play a baseball game or basketball, horseshoes, sing-a-long or whatever. We can get things off our chest - perhaps a loved one had recently passed and it is good to be with family that remembers that special person. Maybe you did not know uncle John or aunt Jane had cancer and it might be nice to share some happier last moments rather than wait till they are in a hospital.

 As I observe each person, it is evident that whether they belong to a church or had a marriage breakup they at least know they have a family bond. It seems to me more important than ever to continue this bond and enjoy the gatherings and not create excuses.

 I often speak of expanding circles , it reminds me of the old song May the Circle be Unbroken. That is really what it is about keeping united and being there for each other. I pray for all the families and tribes of the earth not just my own - that they find happiness and a keep a close bond for each other.

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