Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Mountain Goat

  The Mountain Goat -
 The very first sermon that a young minister ever gave was about a mountain goat. Yes- that was my first sermon to an assembly. It was about walking in high places but carefully along a jagged pass in the mountains. Here I am 35 years later still walking the jagged  pass not unlike the mountain goat. That is what it takes to survive in the world as a christian.
 Carefully taking each step and not being afraid of new heights, making sure those who follow are safe in their journey. The mountain goat can find food where there is seemingly none to find under a rock or lick the dew off a slope. Possibly the most equipped creature to survive harsh circumstances anywhere, they can stomach just about anything. I even seen one eat the tire off a car - it was my car.
 They are placid creatures but can stand on their hind legs and give good shove or lock horns when provoked. My grandmother had an old goat in her yard and we knew better not to tease her - (the goat that is). In many lands goat cheese is prized and milk is often a delicacy. It is rich in nutrients and something we all could use some  instead of the frozen containers of homogenized and treated milk we get from the store.
  How do goats get across these mountain passes with only seemingly inches to spare. Is it by faith do they have a sixth sense. They seem to know when to lean and when to jump and they always land back on the trail. Perhaps that is the secret - to know the trail and remain on it. Jesus said, follow me he did not say it would be easy. He remained obedient to the Father staying on the path of righteousness , perhaps obedience is the key to walking in high places. Sometimes we get off the trail and slip - we should always remember the Lord will never leave us or forsake us. We have the free will to get off the trail but also to get back on.
  There is no greater feeling than knowing where you are going - and to know the path that leads there.

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