Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Sacrifices

When we study sin and the ancient religious sacrifices it goes back to the time when the Jews were undecided in how to deal with sin and cast lots. They had prepared two sacrifices one for the Lord and one for Azazel. Upon the casting of the lot it was decided the Lord would bear the burden of sin. The goat prepared for Azazel was released into the wilderness, later this was called the scape goat. We often hear the devil made me do it or satan is blamed for your sin.

Actually the sin was placed upon the Lord in sacrifice, this is also represented by the cross. Then we find out that Jesus came to preach a new covenant of Grace. So even though it was a new covenant the law had to be also satisfied once and for all. Grace did away with sin, there is no reason to look for the scape goat wandering in the wilderness. The devil did not make you do it, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

In the covenant of Grace we are forgiven and given a measure of faith to overcome. How often can you  fail until you overcome. We can almost say it is like a man at the well, once I saw this in a vision. At the well sat a man and kept filling my cup as needed. How many trips were made to the well, that is between me and God. The man at the well seems to be Christ and the water is life. Perhaps you will see this another way as grace is revealed.

Have learned to ask forgiveness and take responsibility for my failures asking for another measure of faith. We only need to go to the cross once, but the well many times.


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