Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Often we get the explanation stating faith healing was only for biblical times or yes- they heard of someone through the grapevine who may have been healed. Healing is not necessarily being rid of cancer or disease. Healing is preparing the body, mind and spirit to a better state. The patient often says I am feeling better. The doctor provides us with medicine sometimes to not feel the pain. That is in a sense healing from pain. What concerns me is that ministers go to the hospital and pray believing if the person does not immediately get up and do a dance they may have failed. If they are ministering to the spirit and the spirit is doing better , than that is was what was needed.

We find also that in healing the mind from despair and providing a comfort to the person is also important. Even most doctors and medications do not heal the body, the body heals itself if it is able. The antibiotic only aids in the body itself to produce the cure. The balancing of the various chemicals or nutrition enables the body to get in the proper shape or condition to heal. The body is the miracle as it is able to do amazing things. This notion of people healing other people is really not true. God created the body which is able to respond to a catalyst of medication, treatment and yes - prayer.

We should never curse the body if it is diseased or ill. The body, mind and spirit are all gifts we should learn to appreciate. Each are miracles of life.


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