Sunday, June 23, 2013

Probability and Possibility part one


 We hear the term all things are possible for those who love christ and called according to his purpose. We also hear that greater miracles than these shall they do. Faith is often spoken as being
without reason. Though we somehow are reminded of the Urim and the Thummim where we flipped
a coin basically and followed the will of God. Yes - if we are wrong - we can blame our ignorance.
If we are right - we can say it was prophetic. Is this what success is about - taking risks. Yes- it is
to a degree of 50% success. Eventually we will overcome our ignorance and may even succeed.
This is religious thinking. There is nothing wrong with it except the odds are even for and against. Sometime God's people used this thinking - a matter of drawing lots.


We learn that wisdom is constantly taught by men of God, even holiness which is divine wisdom.
The path of holiness is one of probability. The odds are far greater for success using wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps as high as 90% or more but very rarely 100% just to keep us humble. If we do not smoke chances are we will be healthier and richer. If we do not drink the chances are we will make better decisions and use sound judgement. If we keep better company the chances are proven to be more successful. If we eat right chances are our health will improve or we will have more energy.

Why would we leave our life to chance? Because it is really what life is about. The chosen are perhaps the ones who live in the realm of holiness because the probability increases with wisdom. Jesus taught that we should learn grace.

Ephesians 1:8 he lavished upon us wisdom and understanding.

This is speaking about the basics of grace.

We also are not limited to the knowledge in books . It comes in all forms - mainly experience. Touching a flame we get burnt. Our desires can get the best of us , we can sometimes crave or have an appetite for a destructive habit. We can be overcome with a fear that if thought out sensibly may seem ridiculous. Fear of being alone , fear of crowds. Some are so dismal they seem to contradict. Fear of heights and fear of depths. Fear of small spaces and open spaces. Knowledge is the key it is the spiritual

Religion sometimes can border superstition in reasoning. The spiritual path is one of wisdom and understanding not ignorance. It is not God's will to be ignorant but wise and humble.


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