Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Truths

When we refer to the truth it can often be taken a few ways.

The blind truth 

 The blind truth is something that is overheard or perhaps passed through many tellers. It often becomes
distorted over the many transmissions or over time. It is often spoken about the blind leading the blind.
When an ancient manuscript is translated it may have aspects of blind truth that need to be discerned to 
gather the real meaning. This is because of the effect of transmission and time linear regressions.

The narrative truth

 The narrative truth is written or usually in book form. It can also be historical record. Of course historical record is only as good as the reporter and the source. We can sometimes be influenced by conjecture or the opinion of the reporter , true reporting offers no opinion just the facts. Often people 
will believe everything that is written down. Yes- I read it in the paper so it must be true is a metaphor often used. A narration is usually opinionated , so it can be of poor or good quality depending on the narrator or source. We can say the narrative truth is closer than the blind truth if the source is proven to be good because it is a record that may be preserved over time.

The living truth
 The purest form of truth is the living truth. It encompasses experience and usually other witnesses - we also can conclude each of our senses is a witness. There is no substitute for personal experience , something that is felt by all the senses touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. We cannot always rely on just one of the senses. We may smell something that is quite raunch but it may actually taste very good, something can taste awful and be good for your health. We may hear something that is not really true or a lie or gossip. We may see something that can be taken out of context, for instance a surgeon using a knife or a father yelling at a child perhaps it was a safety issue. Usually common sense is only taken into consideration when multiple senses are involved.

Actually of all the senses touch is the most reliable. Many people respond better to a hug or a kiss because the human nature understands this as being more reliable than just a compliment.

He touched me and made me whole. 

 When Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. It was a direct statement of the living truth , saying the truth he was speaking of could be experienced in life. Way , Truth and Life all blend in perfect harmony. Almost like a finely tuned instrument making the most wonderful music ever heard.


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