Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every knee shall bow

 Every knee shall bow is asserting the divine presence of God. We often find a conflict between our personality and the divine character of God. How can we bow to a Spirit , since God is spirit. We are actually all who accept Grace endowed with the Spirit of God. It is in my belief that all will eventually recognize their own personality and will is no match for God's spirit.
 How can we distinguish between a personality and the Spirit of God , because there are some that will be overcome by strong personalities. These strong personalities are often the leader of a cult or following not of God. If God is present , we are uplifted and our own individuality becomes strengthened. If another personality is not of God our individuality becomes weak. Greater is the one  that is in you, than is in the world. Now the bible says HE , but God really is Spirit. A woman with the Spirit of God should realize that her gender will not changed but will be magnified. Her individuality will be stronger than any of the personality that surrounds her. She will become the stone in her time.
 In the last part of the biblical verse Every knee shall bow -  every heart confess Jesus Christ is Lord. This is stated in the bible more than once. Does that mean we will be forced to bow before Christ or does it mean the Spirit of One , God will overcome the personality of men. That all will eventually be at One consciousness with God and at peace. I believe it means that God will eventually draw all men unto the Spirit. It does not mean destruction or havoc as some may teach, for God is not the author of confusion - it means a reign of peace and harmony. In Revelations it is told of a thousand years of peace. We certainly have not seen this - yet.
 Those who are looking for destruction and chaos are wrong. Eventually the world will be at peace both Heaven and Earth , that is what scripture teaches. How this will be accomplished is through a direct encounter with a Divine being , it does not mean the destruction of free will but a Gift of understanding which will enhance individuality to a divine level. Will this be done through telepathic means or a scientific breakthroughs, not sure. It is hard to imagine a thousand years of peace , perhaps it will mean new energy sources that will replace our archaic oil guzzling technology and new sources of food similar to manna that is available to everyone or a change in the earth or science where climates are controlled not delivering rampant destruction. Perhaps all of these and more for those thousand or so years, it seems possible. Once I had an experience which prompted me to write a poem Angelic decryption, it was a transmission of sorts where an enormous amount of data was being received in a short period of time. I tried to find this in ancient manuscripts not sure of the source but later discovered it was encrypted.
 Perhaps this will be the way peace is achieved through some transfer of knowledge and it was only a sample.

-peace to all.

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