Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dark Night

We hear occasionally about the dark night of the soul. As it may appears to be a very lonely and a time where the holy spirit does not seem to be present. It seems quite odd and many will not understand this. This is my explanation which is comparative at best.

When you were a little child your father gave you your first bicycle. You had on those training wheels after a time when you seem to have gained balance they were taken off. You were full of joy and knowing your father was giving you a push , then realized you were riding the bicycle with no training wheels and your father was not holding you up. Then you hear a voice "my son, I am well pleased". Our heavenly father will never leave us nor forsake us, but there are times when we are left to peddle alone- this is faith. Understanding this is normal and only temporary can help. We are spiritual beings and our spirit will be tested at various times in life.

This is not related to being separated by sin, which is something that you need to overcome. Once you have spiritual understanding grace replaces the law of sin and death. The separation of God during the dark night is more of a testing period or first bicycle ride unassisted. You just have to trust and this is a test of trust.

Hebrew 13:5 and Deuteronomy state - I will never leave you, nor forsake you.

peace be unto you.

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