Saturday, June 29, 2013


So we are in a room and listening. Are we listening to the words being spoken by others. Perhaps we hear something interesting.

The other day something interesting happened instead of hearing words all that was heard were heartbeats. This has happened a few times once in ICU , and a couple times in a crowd of people in public places. Then it occurred that when we enter the world the first thing that is checked is the heartbeat. When we leave it is the last thing that is checked.

What does it mean to sense the heartbeat. Life is what is important , the noise and chatter all culminate in life. There is a constant search for identity in the words of others we look for something of interest. If we like it and can use that to build our identity or so it seems. Then we create the transition of to be or not to be, a question is posed.

However when we hear a heartbeat we identify as being alive and present. It is very basic and yet so essential to be aware of life not just the chatter.


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