Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

What does it mean to be independent? As a nation it meant to free from foreign rulers and royalty. In Canada independence day is the formation of the government , the joining of all the provinces to form Canada. Independence day is celebrated throughout the world , it is a day of national pride regardless if you are from the USA, Canada, Mexico or Russia.

Independence is also sometimes cultural identity and the freedom to express that identity. We go through life in search of identity it is not something we always benefit from or maybe are satisfied with. The color of our skin, the sexual orientation, our height or stature, the DNA of identity. There is also cultural and religious identity. Of all these it is important to note the freedom to belong and  of expression is important. We are all unique , all of different character. Yet we may all belong to the same country - so we not only celebrate the union but also the uniqueness. This is what make us independent.

Independence is freedom, a portion of civil liberties that we have accrued though the toils if not the blood of our founders. Whether we are Chinese or Greek , independence is celebrated across the globe.

Does independence always bring about a perfect union, No -  but it is a beginning.


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