Saturday, May 18, 2013

Supper and Supposition

We often miss the whole meaning of consuming words. Did you ever hear the phrase , you will eat your words. It is really often what happens, words are supper. Some words are filled with wisdom these are the ones we should consume. They provide nourishment for the soul and some are good advice for the mind and body. It is also true that our words should be tried by fire before leaving our lips. Because they can be harmful to others. Would you invite someone to supper with you only to give them something that will make them sick. We often hear someone say , it was a healthy conversation. Yes- a conversation is like a meal between two or more people - supper.

One of the methods used by seers is illusion. They will use a supposition to create an illusion , this is also called superstition. Superstition or vain imagination was rebuked by the apostles and also is considered witchcraft. Because it has nothing to do with wisdom it is not healthy. How can we know healthy wisdom from superstition. If it provides nourishment and builds your body , mind and spirit it is wisdom. Wisdom is something you will want to share, you instinctively do not want to cause harm to your family and friends. Unfortunately most of the population of the earth is being led by superstition and very few wisdom.

Consume wisdom.


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