Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Woodsman

The woodsman is hungry he is relying on the forest for food. If he eats the wrong mushroom or plant it could be fatal. What does he do? He should have read the book - the survival guide before venturing into the forest.

Isn't that is what it is like to be a christian believer now a days. This mushroom beckons me, this plant but we are unsure. What is the old saying - you cannot see the forest from the trees. We are told to step back and get a glimpse of the whole forest. So we do and we see all of christianity is like the forest. Each tree shaped according its family the elm, the poplar, the oak and the pines. The list goes on and on yet all of this is life in the forest. So are they each as important in the world of God. Well I would say so  why would God make them all different. That is the beauty of the forest. The elm is saying I am the tree of life, the oak is saying I am the tree of life, the pine is saying I am the tree of life.

The woodsman is weary he knows the beauty of the forest. It is a haven for the birds , the animals small and large. The variety of flora and color all of it is life.

The woodsman can only discern what to eat from a past memory. The wild dandelion was something his indian grandfather told him in a story that was edible. So he looks about and everywhere there is dandelions, he pulls of a couple leaves and begins chewing. He gets another and another soon he is filled. Thanks to his indian grandfather and the old stories.

Yes - perhaps he may have read the book and could have eaten some mushrooms or roots. Even perhaps asked a tree but they were too busy arguing.


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