Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Judgement and Measurement

In all my spiritual quest the concept of the judgement is perhaps the most important. We read in all the various religious scriptures and find God is the final judge. We also hear of the phrase judge thyself to be approved. We are also not told to judge others, all of this is in scripture. In the philosopher view it is told to get rid of Ego or Self. We ponder all this judgement and it brings guilt which is unhealthy. Jesus said, " Judge not less ye be judged". This is really the final word in judgement it is counter productive to growth in actually any form. We see at one point we were judged by the law and some religions believe the law is the principle of judgement but actually this is not true. We are told about grace , does grace mean we are above the law - No. In grace we live in spiritual laws not mans law - spiritual law is for our growth. If we fail - we forgive, we rebound and this is all necessary for growth. We see judgement is under a law of sin, Jesus died to do away with sin. Paul says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That is perhaps a religious teachers view - Yes we all fail but go on to say, all things are possible. The only unforgivable sin , is to deny God's power to overcome or in essence the holy spirit.

The most important lesson in spiritual growth is measurement. Like the time your mother had you backed up against the wall and drew a line to measure your height. We see the way to get around chaos is to learn how to measure not how to judge. Measurement is sometimes averages and other times precise measurement. We learn to calculate our strength by the law of averages. Sometime we do not even realize we are doing it. We know our ability based on past performance or we can even go to a specialist to measure a precise breaking point. Actually precision comes with practice , we are given a modest ability within the mind called memory in order to calculate the averages to guide our steps. We are also given acquired knowledge through failure and success that is called practice. Yes- practice can be painful but not if you understand the purpose. Usually they will stick you on a treadmill until you are about to fall over. This is also true with the spiritual , we elect to venture on a path of growth and sometimes find ourselves on a treadmill. Is the treadmill experience a bad one, not if you use it for measurement. 
The measurement of oneself is to understand the value of true self. Perhaps you are someone that is constantly asking did I make the right decision. In practice the right decisions get better but do not expect to make the right decisions each time. If you measure your failures also measure your success. That is not to say be pompous up or proud but if you find peace and joy keep it within. It is ok to be happy with yourself to a point and reward a vacation well deserved. One should seek contentment with godliness. Godliness comes by constant measures and thoughts on growth, contentment is enjoying that growth - Joy.


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