Sunday, May 5, 2013

Common sense

At what point should we give up our common sense for a belief? - never.

A belief should be practical and not be totally subjective. We have both an objective and subjective brain for a reason. The bible states by their fruits you shall know them. We are also told the blind should not lead the blind. He who has an ear let them hear. Touch not the unclean thing. So, we are to use all of our senses before tasting.

If you see something that just doesn't look or feel right - it probably is not right. Some beliefs will try to woo you with uncertainty in your basic senses, then evoke a mystery. The harmful belief systems usually involve a spider, a fly and a web. One thing to always remember- it is your house or mind, in the end your the one who allows any guests to enter. Believing strongly that we are all different in faith and character. Accepting that we are all unique does not mean there is no evil out there. The spider can weave a web of uncertainty. Then evoke a mystery not all all mysteries lead to truth , some lead to lies. Which is why we have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell and touch to feel. Really common sense is a combination of all the senses to come to a rational conclusion.

My life has led me to mystical experiences but they have always been in accordance with the search for truth. Christian mystics are followers of  Christ. Yes - meditation is a part of living a life of inner peace, but when we empty the mind of unclean thoughts we also fill the mind with good ones.
We often say we are going beyond or becoming mindful. Really the christian life should also be practical. Anything that departs from practical living does not produce good fruit. We practice detachment but we also attach to a healthy and joyful life. Fasting till you die is not practical , since life is a precious gift. Fasting for lent or a special goal usually is a joyful not miserable experience.

Conclusion is we should not taste something until common sense is applied. What is the end goal to disappear from reality or go beyond to bring something back that will make reality better.

Abstinence should also include a path to substance.


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