Friday, May 17, 2013

Agenda and will

If you are a spiritual person often charitable with your time and giving it seems to be a fault to the world. A fault that they can take advantage of by imposing a hidden agenda or their will upon you. A friend told me the nice guys always come in last. Yes- the nice guys do but not the wise. It should be a path of wisdom and humility not stupidity. If you are in the spirit then you are following wisdom and will lead by example.

People that say to be a good leader means you have to learn to follow - usually want you to follow their agenda. That's right actually to be a good leader you need to follow wisdom not others agenda. We are also told to be charitable and charity begins at home. Yes - be charitable in wisdom - give good advice.

We find that once we give up our own agenda, we give up our will. Usually this means control of our own lives and time. Time is a precious gift always be conscious of it and keep your joy. Do not let others steal your joy. Usually when you catch someone imposing their agenda over your will, it will lead to them becoming angry. Do not let them pass that anger unto you - just smile and politely say -No. Sometimes we become overwhelmed with agenda  - not my will be done does not mean my happiness.

When we say Lord let thy will be done, we are saying let thy wisdom be done. God's will is wisdom.


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