Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I was glad when the Catholic church accepted evolution, they also accepted radio, TV and the internet. We all must evolve - science is not in conflict with religion as some may think. Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology and Religion all are important in evolution. If we look at the history of man from the old testament to the new testament and all the other history books we are evolving. Some refuse to accept the theory of evolution , Yet - we go to church to learn how to evolve or become a better person.

The nature of man is to evolve , we are continuing to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. To me the Tree of Knowledge is science or evolution, a tree that is constantly growing. The Tree of Life is becoming spiritual or learning of the divine and holiness. My views may differ from others but that is why we are unique and I still love and accept others - even more so that they are unique.

We look at Jesus who was a new testament to faith and divine. Most will accept that Jesus was both human and divine. This is one of the basic principles of my faith - that Jesus was both human and divine. Some will say Jesus was only human and can only relate to his humanity. Some say Jesus was only divine that he was God, and can only relate to his divinity. Jesus was tempted and had to deny satan just as all of us do. This may be strange to someone with just a scientific view but not to me. We all have a reptilian nature in our consciousness that must be denied to evolve. So, to me the scientist that does not have Christ will never evolve. That scientist can teach evolution as a human but may not evolve spiritually  beyond human nature. We need both science and religion, it is the Christ an example of whom we are to follow. Some will say they will follow a Buddha or Krishna or a Guru to evolve - and it may seem that different roads lead to the same place, honestly if you to reach a dead end -follow Jesus.

The only difference being a living stone in time I accept we are all unique in faith and character. That permits me to love the Jew, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Pagan, the Scientist, the Atheist, the Native American, the Aboriginal and anyone else. I do not speak for any of these groups , nether do I propose to be an expert on them , I can only speak for my love. My Lord gave his life for all. Even when Jesus was crucified and died he said" Forgive them for they know what not they do."

It was religion that crucified Christ not science. The Sanhedrin was the religious authority of that time , they demanded he be put to death. If someone said even today they had a human and divine nature , you would probably be crucified by a religious person. No different than the Sanhedrin of Jesus time.
Honestly, it is more important to me to grow in holiness and love than anything else. We must become love and we must become holy. This should be our goal how we get there is your call. I will follow Jesus.


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