Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Soul

                                                The Soul
 The mystery of the soul is sacred knowledge according to many religious authorities in Islam and in Hindu religions. According to the Sikh the soul is God and God is soul. The Catholic and the Orthodox view are slightly different but the soul is divine essence and the image of God.
 Fundamental christian theology is interested in the salvation of the soul but has not clearly defined the soul. We have images of God and satan fighting over the soul with this theology. In most all the religious thinking the soul returns to God for judgement whether here and now or later. The soul is often mingled with the spirit, mind or body. It is written about by most major religions that have a believe in God but remains a mystery. Even the Jewish religion believes in a soul created during the six days of creation.
 We see a lot of study of the mind, body and spirit but very little about the soul. Some say the soul is created upon the first breath of life, others the soul is eternal. It may be helpful to read the hebrew and greek translations as they both indicate soul is breath or life. The soul is often referred as the person or the I or identity. Some hindu gurus teach there is a duality in the soul of both human and divine. The catholic church teaches divine essence of the soul, the orthodox teach the possibility of immortality, Hindu and Islam teach the soul is eternal.
 The whole precipice of religion resides in the soul. In my research of the soul have concluded that the belief of the soul is as varied as the belief of God, both sacred and mysterious. Also have concluded the Sikh are very close and the soul is the image of God within. To learn the wonders and mystery of the divine you must start with soul searching. The beginning of knowing is to know thyself.


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