Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eternal Life

                                               Eternal Life

The gift of eternal life is not something we wait for upon death. We should not be waiting for the knock on the door. Eternal life has already begun and needs to be lived moment by moment. Some will be waiting for Jesus to come, the second coming. It seems to be the main theme in evangelical christianity and the emotions up and down of this phenomena are enormous. Had a conversation with a few people and some of my friends will say he is coming soon (Jesus). This has been going on for 50 years and frankly, am not waiting for the knock on the door. God never left the planet, God's spirit is still alive. Christ is with me and you already. Evolve, get beyond the emotional roller coaster and enjoy each moment in Christ.
When Paul was on the road to Damascus , Jesus came to him and said " Why dost thou persecute me".
Jesus was talking about the christians who are the body of christ. Even today I feel the spirit of God every single moment. Eternal life is a wonderful gift , start living it. We seem caught up in drama , everything has to be played out. I have a friend who is elderly who needs prayer, always worried about his stuff. Stuff is temporary - we cannot take it with us. Like the ancient Pharaohs that had a lot of stuff here on earth. They tried to pack as much as they could into the coffin and grave, they even built massive pyramids to hold it all for eternity. Sorry - to disappoint but the stuff is now in a museum.

Praise God! Live each moment.


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