Saturday, February 2, 2013



There is a place in Jerusalem where there is a pool. People of all sorts of ailments would wait beside the pool for the water to move. It was said that occasionally an angel would pass by the waters and during this time healing would take place.

This is a spiritual truth that goes far beyond the pool at Bethesda. Moving water has an essence of spiritually that should be understood. My only experience with being a stone is that moving water is what forms the stone. If you go to a stream, or river or the ocean and look for a stone. Pick up the stone and hold it in your hand. Roll it around in your fingers and notice that it is unique formed by hundreds if not thousands of years by the moving water. Understanding this look at the water then look into your inner being. This is meditation that anyone can experience a beautiful meditation of the stone. The stone represents your unique qualities and it will help to understand that you are like the stone.

Bethesda is often used to represent missions for healing and many hospitals bear the name. It is a good example of moving water that promotes healing both physical and spiritual.


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