Friday, April 12, 2013


What is the purpose of spirituality?
Is it to have an out of body experience? 
Is it to escape from reality?
Is it to have inner peace?

No, No and Yes but partly. 

 We need first to take care of the body's that we have. Proper diet and exercise - then use them for a useful purpose. Before dreaming of your new heavenly body with angelic-like features or aura frame use what you have. Go to a elder care center or hospital and volunteer, even if it is reading a book or holding a hand. Use the hands and legs that you were given to make the world a better place.

 Escape is not the goal of spirituality , you may find levels of consciousness or experiences may come but that is not the end goal. We are spiritual to overcome diversity. The goal is to overcome , to be victorious not to be lost in meditation. Most of our meditation should be directed toward overcoming the barriers in this life.

 If you have a smoking habit or other destructive habit -use your new found gift to overcome it.
If you feel the desire to do some good in the world find a group or church that takes part in such things. If a church teaches you to gain spiritual gifts and does not have an outlet to use them , then find a place that does. We should be pillars in the community in which we live. Many have a sense of religion but have no charity to enforce that.

 Inner peace is very important - at one time it seemed to me all that mattered. Even wrote a poem inner peace is all that matters. Perhaps it was a little too congenial because the outer chaos also needs to be dealt with. As children of light it is important to not hide that light under a night stand - let it shine. Many are not willing to face chaos. We are placed here on earth to be a light to the world. Jesus said " I am the light of the world" also "you are children of light". It is not just about having inner peace though that is a wonderful place to be.


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