Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sphere

                                                      The Sphere
When we think of planet Earth , we think of the sphere. The planet is not only round but it has a shape of the sphere. When one looks at a sphere they will see the circle from a distance as they draw near the circle will take on a dimensional shape of the sphere. The problem here is that we only see one side of the sphere even if we are close. The only way we get to see the other side is if we go around it or it rotates. We often hear a reference to the dark side of the moon, however it is only the other half of a sphere.

In the bible we see there is no corn or maize mentioned because it did not exist in that part of the world - Yet, corn is one of the main food staples in the Americas, north and south. Just because it is not mentioned in the bible does not mean something does not exist. In Australia there are kangaroos, koalas very amazing creatures but all we see in the bible are animals from the desert region or plains of the continent where they existed.

We should follow the anthropology, geographic and psyche of the entire planet to gain full spheric knowledge. That is why it is important to search the other half of the sphere to better understand Christ. We are told the bible contains what is necessary and accept this as a part of faith. How can we accept a two dimensional view in a multidimensional reality. Hundreds of years ago only select priest were even allowed to read the bible, the old testament bible itself was compiled of only the selected books from which the Sanhedrin council would allow. Yet - we know very little about this council except it was elected, it was the very convening council that accused Jesus of blasphemy and requested his execution.

I once met a priest in the Pacific Islands who had been a priest for over twenty years and we started to discuss the bible. Being on one of the most desolate places on the planet for a year in prayer and reading the bible many times thought we could have a discussion. The priest told me honestly he had never read the bible in its entirety. How many other clergy have never even read the bible - the fact is most have never read it entirely. They read only the verses selected by the particular denominational view , very few read it entirely to gain even spheric knowledge of the bible- yet alone the planet earth.

The mind that can see the full sphere , the planet earth, the dark side of the moon is the mind of Christ. The apostles that wrote the new testament not only relayed what they heard Jesus say, they wrote of their experience of Christ. Some of this varied slightly which depended on their relationship with Jesus and their own personality. In the book of John we see the revelatory view, it is revealing the true nature of Christ and his mission. In the book of Matthew we have a view of Christ teachings as a student from his master, more detail is given to the sermons. In Luke who was a doctor we have a viewpoint of the apostle of the human record, his birth and the people that were in his life. The four gospels of basic Christianity would not be complete without Mark. Mark was not a direct disciple as some may think, he was Peters son. Peter was considered the closest disciple and the account by Peter's son Mark was of the story of the life of the cross.

The books of the gospels are considered the main four books closest to apostolic views. The other books of the bible were mostly written by Paul of Tarsus who was a man that spent his life persecuting christians but was a convert. Paul became a believer after Christ revealed himself to Paul, why dost thou persecute me? Jesus spoke as if he was being persecuted because the Christ spirit dwells in the believer , this spiritual connection is something often missed. We that are of the Christ spirit are connected for eternity all stones in time. Jesus was connected to Moses and Elijah - all the prophets as shown in the transfiguration. Even today there are those who have a deep direct connection with Christ, similar to Paul meeting him on the road to Damascus.

In deciphering divine wisdom we should note that the Book of life, and the Book of Knowledge also referred to as the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are mentioned in both sides of the Sphere.
They are mentioned in a few of the worlds religions in the east and west.

This is a great mystery recorded in the bible. It is my belief that these are trees and are constantly growing, as in the Book of Life new names are added. As in the Book of Knowledge it is growing as in evolution also called the Tree of Knowledge.

There will never be complete divine wisdom anyone who says their religion or system is complete is false. Like the Never Ending Story by Ende, ironic that the book is Never Ending Story and the authors name is Ende. The Book of Knowledge is never ending , it cannot be written, it is really a Tree! Evolution is sometimes thought of as non-biblical but personally believe it is what is being explained in the Tree of Knowledge. The planet evolves , we evolve, the universe evolves, new planets, new stars, new species.

Genesis 3:22 Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil.”


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