Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Oath

                                                              Love Oath
 I never did believe much in taking oaths or vows following a stint of eights years of military service and over thirty years of marriage. Being faithful serving honorably in both however an oath should not be taken lightly. Recently in deep meditation on the soul it would be my final oath , to become love. We often hear that God is love, or Krishna is love, or Allah is love or Jesus is love. People say Jesus loves you or God loves you and it stops there. It is not enough to say God loves you, how can we become love. We each must begin in the soul - take a journey into the soul.

Now there would be reason to say being a masculine man and a war veteran  had my share of battles in life, many times sparred in my younger days. It would seem to become love is quite a task. It is easy for a manly man to say their God is Love, or anyone to make that statement for that matter. It probably is the most profound truth. It is also truth after a journey into the soul , the soul must be love. We must become love at the soul level. We hear from fundamental theology the mission is to save souls, to save them from evil. This is so vaguely described as sin but sin itself seems to be under interpretation of the human or moral aspect or the law.

Ok, you just gave up an immoral conduct or bad habit which was a human endeavor. That is wonderful and you may become healthier body, mind and spirit. These are all of the deliverance of the flesh or human aspects. The divine aspect is taking the journey into the soul and to become love. Whether you are a christian, muslim, hindu, jew or a buddhist no matter what to become love should be the goal. When you wake up and look into the mirror in the morning say - I AM LOVE. This is the love oath not to be taken lightly. When you come to this realization and that oath is kept, everything else is small in comparison. God will not be angry, you will be filled with love. If you are a buddhist or philosopher and just want to end suffering make the effort to say the love oath.
This happened personally- in quite an unusual way during visits to hospitals visiting strangers often to pray or just talk. I always say God loves you, being an empath and a christian. The words did not always come out that way, sometimes unexpected it was I LOVE YOU. It made me feel awkward but in sincerity it was true, having a deep desire for healing to the point of expression. The soul is an image of God , including divine love. To understand this and to say - I am love , you will have stepped out of the  human conscious and into the kingdom of God. To those who may be agnostic or philosophers love is not the same as desire. Often misinterpreted we are not talking about desire of the flesh or human desire true love is pure, good and transfer of divine energy. You may just think in thought I love you and perhaps a hug or even a smile will convey this.


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