Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Some may  read my post and say that it seems like universalism. Though I do not hold that view, neither do I condemn it. My position is that we are all of God ,stones each unique in faith and character. When we become like bricks of man, we become a clone - which is detrimental to spirituality. Some would say you have to hold a set of doctrines or dogma and that dogma becomes the cornerstone of their faith. My discerning truth is not accepting all dogma or doctrine presented but experiencing the truth for myself. Perhaps it will be accepted or not that is my call as enlightenment or consciousness permits it. To me the basic building block of understanding that we are all different permits the spirit of love for all human beings to flow.
 I would not prescribe to universalism because that in itself would limit my knowledge. My view is  close to that of Christ and yet to be perfected. The life of Christ is the center of my being and hope to be able to live a close resemblance but neither would I be Jesus because Jesus was a unique divine being. Will just be who I am. Enlightened but ever more conscious. Knowing that love and truth are not limited to my feeble mind.


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