Saturday, July 6, 2013


There are basically (2) types of providence one is a general typography and the other divine.

General providence is conferred to animals , pets and the like. It is also surprisingly thought to be conferred unto certain human populations. Tribal and slave nations were typically categorized in the general providence. Some larger scale religions teach that their members are in divine providence , exclude the rest of humanity, causing a great divide and often hatred. Who gave them the right to decide? Who decides whether the person or human being fits into the category of general providence? Of divine providence? Who judges?

Actually the biggest opponent of peace in the world today , Yes - it is judgement.
Judge not lest you be judged!

In reality we are all just humans that have a divine soul. In essence it is about the soul and becoming more aware of the presence of God. All are welcome to divine providence - there is not magical number or membership requirement. A divine image of God is represented in all, it is only becoming aware of our own potential that is important.

Divine providence - this is usually the us and them mentality. You are either for or against us, you either believe exactly as we do or the destroyer will deal with you. Probably the most deceitful practice in humanity is mans religion. If we knew the truth we would not be judgmental but understanding. The fate of many in the religious sense was often determined by the toss of a dice. Providence was often determined by royalty or priestly costume. Usually takes on some sort of ritualistic form. Peace is often spoken about but it is not what is actually being said. We hear of inheritance another word often used
by religion but misunderstood. We can recite the Lord's prayer (Our father) this is the best explanation of divine providence. We are all a part of God, the creator.

 Hatred has no place in religion, yet it is there. Religion can be two faced and that is why most of the population are taking up atheism. We are seeing a rise in atheism like never before. This is becoming the most popular view because of a bad experience with religion.

  We have to constantly purify our thoughts of religious prejudice and respect the beliefs of others. The spiritual path will overcome differences of culture and religion.

  We are all a part of each other yet unique. This is not strange but wonderful to have this uniqueness. Diversity is beautiful , color is beautiful , to me everything is beautiful it is just hard to explain.

 To me there is no black and white, it is just color. There is no us and them just humanity. There is no chatter just heartbeats.

 In taking care of my son with down syndrome , and the elderly it is sometimes exhausting. People tell me you will get your reward in heaven. Actually my walk is very spiritual not so much based on rewards. I do not usually share my supernatural experiences but once was kissed by an angel on my right cheek. Some churches encourage others to get deeper into the spiritual realm, to me this should be left to those who are called to be mystics. It takes many years to understand and live in this kind of awareness.

 Gandhi was one of the most outspoken opponent of the caste system in India but he also was considered a mahatma or hindu spiritual leader. Often spend time reading his letters to the United States and he is warning us of the various scenarios in which capitalism without regards to human interest was not healthy. We see how providence can be turned into a caste system if politics and religion are not separated. The purse of happiness and the pursuit of happiness are not the same. Often we respect those with the biggest purse in capitalism not those with the concern for the benefit of all.

 Capitalism is an ongoing experiment that has yet to be proved. We only put up with as much as we can stand, eventually we all need to eat , have shelter and clothing. In capitalist nations we see an influence on our churches to preach a sort of capitalist gospel , which is something new and apparent. This is not the gospel Jesus taught, the inheritance spoken about in the beatitudes.

  God makes stones not clones. God makes many gems , and love will find a way. There is hope for peace but we will need to hold onto the basic truths and keep the message simple like Jesus explained in the parables.

 I believe Jesus wanted us all to know we are loved, he spoke out against judgement. The purpose of teaching truth and grace was to free us from religious persecution and condemnation. His teaching sets us free - it is not meant to bring fear. Perfect love casts out fear.

What is the real divine truth. God is spirit, cannot stress this enough. The spirit of knowledge with understanding. Knowledge and understanding = WISDOM.


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