Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Imagination can sometimes inspire us as it can be a creative force. We are told about dreamers and visionaries and many we have seen in our time. These are the people that solve problems , the people that bring social issues to the forefront. We hear the I have got a dream, we hear the ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Many inspiring words of Gandhi who led nations to freedom. Where did this imagination begin? It took something from their faith to inspire them. Martin Luther King was a baptist, John F Kennedy a catholic, and Gandhi a hindu. These men had the faith to bring about change. This started as a thought perhaps it was a divine thought.

Vain Imagination is something we are warned about as it becomes counter productive. Vanity is something we can easily fall into when we think we know it all. It is the force of ego that says there is no God. We start to go down this path when technology seems to become dominant. Look what we have built , it kind of reminds me of the tower of babel. We seem to feel at times that man is the highest intelligence in the universe , after all we did go to the moon. I will be honest my faith is not always perfect, at times weak and others strong. That is when we need to rely on our notes , just like any other student.

I encourage everyone to write down their thoughts , whether it be a song or poem. Whether it be an idea or just a good memory. Imagination is a valuable asset to mankind and can change a situation whether it be social or just a handy invention.

I encourage everyone to also go to the source of the imagination to find if it is something that may be divine thought. Perhaps the source was vanity, something that was created by our ego. There are many who will never admit there is a divine source, a higher intellect. It will always be the scientific solution or the philosophical but never a divine. We all are in fact students even if we have phd and have been teachers or professors.

Use the imagination but always remember we are students, a good student takes notes and gives credit to the source.

Praise God.

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