Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Fountain and the Well

In an earlier post we spoke about- How many times we need to go to the cross?

Answer: Just once.  Deciding to live for christ , to be a follower of Jesus is believing in the forgiveness. It is accepting that Jesus is the way , the truth and the life. Believing he alone is the way to salvation. This is the first step to salvation.

We also spoke about how many times do we need to go to the well?

Answer: Many - We are each unique and the well is a place of communion. It is also a place of refreshment and living water. We find it is also a place of cleansing. We find God sent the holy spirit to comfort us. Personally have found that Jesus often gives us drink at the well. The well was often a place people came not just to drink but socialize. Perhaps this can be a gathering place also with other christians. Prayer and meditation take place here.

What is the fountain?
The Fountain - It seems that living water is overflowing, we become like a fountain in our own lives. Wanting to share with others. Water in motion is faith. The mystery of any belief system is water in motion. We are filled with joy and love it needs to be shared - the fountain. The fountain can produce great change in our personal lives. It also seems to shower upon those around us.
 In spiritual teaching we find living water or water in motion is a passing of blessing to others. If a pool becomes stagnant we will find the presence of the spirit not as active. We are encouraged to share our blessings - as freely you received , freely give.


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