Friday, January 11, 2013

Metal or Meta

Metal is an element that conducts electricity according to modern translation before electricity it was usually just iron or copper. We often hear of the iron age or the copper age when man became familiar with these elements and it changed entire cultures. Iron became steel and copper became wire.
We also use metal in reference to the popular rock melodies in our time. Metal is a popular super hero Ironman in the marvel comics. It is the basic composition of the auto , bridges , building material and more. We can say it is the most physical element presence in humankind.
 Yes - metal is reality in all forms.

What is meta a word that means beyond. Usually it is something we cannot see or touch. It was often thought that the air we breathed was Meta. Before the discovery of oxygen, air was a mystical element. There were a lot of religious references to breath as it was a creative force that breathed life into man. Many creative stories were developed from the invisible air or breath.
Meta is often co-joined with other words as in metaphysics or metabolize.Metaphysical is simply something beyond reality. Where to metabolize is to make something useful as in the body our food is metabolized for intake , so the body can use it. A drug is metabolized into the body for healing , in the way an anti-biotic is used.

In religion we see a similar metabolic process in healing and other gifts such as knowledge. The spirit and not the body is the host. We are digesting spiritual content and it will either create a change for the good or make us sick. Can religion make you sick? Yes- religion can make a person sick or cause a war. We see terrorists who some will say are sick that have digested religion. Religion was often held secret because some could not digest it. In the christian faith the bible was not translated into native tongues but kept secret only some priest were allowed to read it. It was interpreted by the religious authority of the time.
Often holy books are not treated with respect even though they contain the building blocks of faith. I have my books in leather bindings of value so they cannot be mistreated. Sometimes in leather cases over the bindings. I see in the christian faith we often give bibles away and often they are taken for granted. In the Muslim religion the Quran is considered a holy book. Even more important than the mosque or temple. We should be more aware of the cultural and religious value placed on holy books in the various religions. With the advent of the electronic format it is easy to forget that. Books are still precious to many people and to some the only existing format.
Books are the medicine , the food that feeds the spirit. To the Jews the scrolls of the Torah are sacred possessions, even small verses from the Torah are kept in boxes tied to their foreheads or arms to hold them near by leather straps. With the advent of the internet and electronic tablets and I-pods we forget the value of a book or scripture. Let us not take for granted the written word as our modern appliances or convenience may tend to make us frivolous.


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