Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread
 We look at society over the last century and see one of the greatest peacemakers was Gandhi. With his spinning wheel he made his own clothes. With his heart he fought for human rights within the caste system and made the case for peaceful resistance to a suffering society. This great peacemaker of the 20th century was often seen with his spinning wheel making his own clothes. He made this a point not only did it give him peaceful inward meditation but it was in itself a peaceful resistance. Since Great Britain did not allow the making of clothing by indians during that time of oppression, Gandhi made it a point to make his own clothing.
 We also see that Gandhi was never awarded the Nobel peace prize though being the greatest peacemaker of the 20th century because of the politics. If we look at history we will see there is always an attempt by man to create the written history rather than the real history for future generations. That is why we really need to understand politics of the time before written history. Personally, I remember the riots during the late 60's to early 70's when Martin Luther King was alive and the many civil rights demonstrations when the students wanted to see a change not only in society but in the history books - american history books were to be re-written. They were to include the history of all people of all races  and creed. This was just an instance of what the real history was to be taught versus the recorded history and a major right for civil rights.
 Getting back to the Golden Thread , is it really about the truth? Is what we are spinning the truth or what we were told was the truth by the political climate of the time. Can we really rely on what was written in history as we have seen , Gandhi was never awarded the Nobel prize and originally the history books did not include the history of all the races. We see in the bible only the history of the Jews and not all the history of mankind. In Israel the jewish tribes of color from Ethiopia were not always accepted based on their beliefs but rejected by color. The recent re-establishment of the Ethiopian jews in Israel was not the success we would believe. They were often serving in the military but when a blood drive was given all the blood from the Ethiopian jews were thrown away. Is history often distorted by prejudice? Is religion?

 Getting back to Gandhi , the Golden Thread is truth and Gandhi was the master at spinning the golden thread. Actually the universe is made up of Spinning wheels inside of spinning wheels all trying to weave the golden thread of truth. We see the galaxy's are huge spinning wheels and we see the spiritual truth reflecting this same action of the spinning wheel. The bible states to know the truth and the truth will make you free. 

 Before we quote history or from books that are biased based on race, creed or sex we should discern the golden thread and make our garments from the truth.

Love and peace.

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