Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentines Day

 Here is a holiday for the shoppers. A traditional holiday that means different things to different people. To most though it means you better not forget that greeting card for the wife, and maybe chocolates or flowers. Even if it takes your last bit of spending money for the week. Of course you love your wife but this is the time to show it. Never mind the mythical cupid on the store sign shooting the arrows.
 Where did this holiday come from? We see it is a feast day honoring Saint Valentine the cupid was added later as to make it even more romantic. What should we make of this and all the feast days as they are celebrated  in many christian churches. I really do not know but a women's scorn is compared to you know where, so I buy the box of chocolates - if lucky she will share them.

 I take this time to dwell on the love we share regardless of the reason for the season. More than a helper and companion, my wife has provided children and eventually that led to grandchildren. 

 It is often questioned why even reflect on a persons life, those that were declared saints and some undeclared. It amuses me also that each religion has their saints. First and foremost the life of Christ is one to study. Yes- I do enjoy the parables and the red letter words. What is more interesting to me is the life of Christ. If you study this you will find various levels of consciousness. It is more than just a story or a history. The same with some of the saints , their lives also reflect the level of consciousness they achieved during their life times. Not to get into this too deeply because it would take volumes.
There is room in my heart for God and a wife, all is good.

For now wishing my wife a happy valentines day!


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