Monday, September 16, 2013

Alzheimers and halos

We all have known a loved one or relative who experienced Alzheimer's. The symptoms may start out slow and gradually it becomes more noticeable. The person going through this seems to lose their memory of past experience. To me it would be like having your house burn down with all the pictures and moments of a lifetime completely destroyed.

This would be the case except for the halo or aura that surrounds each of us. The mind has another perfect image of our life embedded on that halo. We will all eventually lose our earthly body and the brain will dissolve like all other matter. If we think of the brain as merely an instrument to hold temporary data similar to the computers ram. Think of the halo or aura as the place that holds the permanent image of us. It has been known for eons that this halo exists and it was often portrayed as an angels head dress or that of a saint.

We see it in drawings and sometimes captured in a photograph.

What is the purpose of the halo?

If you have ever had an out of body experience it may be that you have temporarily made a connection with the halo. The halo contains a pure image of the mind outside of the body. It seems that some have such a resonance others can see their halo.

An elderly man once was upset that his wife had Alzheimer's. He thought she would not remember him in heaven and she seemed quite angry toward the end. The wife he grew to love and cherish actually became very playful and full of joy in the spirit before passing. Alzheimer is a disease of the brain and has no effect on the halo. The halo holds the pure mind and also can be used to communicate. In buddhism there is a place called the pure land outside of the body. My experience is it has something to do with this halo which surrounds us. The beauty of life is not lost in the last moments and is captured throughout.

When being in the presence of the holy spirit at first we may feel inadequate or filthy. Then we are touched and cleansed feeling the joy immediately returns to us. We are comforted by this loving presence throughout our lives and it is not taken away because of our weakness. Grace is something the christian experiences during weakness, it is this amazing grace that separates the christian experience from any other.

If you have suffered the pain of a loved one with Alzheimer's it would be good to know that their pure mind is still intact.

Peace and joy,

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