Friday, September 20, 2013

Duality and Non-Duality

When studying the bible you cannot help but notice the switch from a duality to a non-duality posture. In the Abrahamic old testament and into the new testament teachings of Jesus this switch occurs.

In the days of Abraham it was taught we were separated from God , it was always a religion of sin and separation. In the teachings of Jesus - we are brought into a closeness the duality disappears. Jesus says I and the Father are one, we are one. All throughout the life of Jesus we are brought closer and closer to the Father. God becomes our Father who art in heaven, our guide to lead us.

Our salvation is actually the switch from a duality to a non-duality. We become children of light no longer children of darkness. The greatest gift is the Holy Spirit which comforts us and guides us. Many will say the greatest gift is eternal life and they may only be looking toward an afterlife. In the catholic church it is also taught the greatest gift is the Holy Spirit.

Why is the Holy Spirit so important?
The Holy Spirit comforts and guides us spiritually into a relationship with our God. This is the basis of the catholic teaching to bring us out of the dualistic into a non-dualistic experience. Sin and ignorance are no longer the path. The path is of grace and wisdom which brings us into becoming children of light.

In some religions only duality is taught where in the catholic and in the brahmin hindu faith non-dualism is taught. In Sikhism it is strictly a non-dualist approach as we are connected in the soul. The path Jesus taught was definitely non-dualistic , we are united - one with the Father. The Islamic teachings seem to keep us separated in a dualistic form , similar to Judaism. Some believe Abraham simply means not brahmin. When we think of an interfaith platform it needs to be understood the concepts of duality and non-duality are not the same.

We are to experience the Holy Spirit and it is not enough to know Gods name. Jesus said depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you. He made it clear regardless of works done in his name or even miracles, we are to know the spirit within. We are to be one, not separated. Banging your head against a wall or shouting praise openly will not get you close to God. The kingdom of God is within you.

God is spirit, we have to worship God in spirit. When we study thought , divine thought it becomes clear. Our thoughts are not divine thoughts. Actually the brain is a trash bin of all the sensory input and this is normal , nothing to be guilty about. The mind however is to be pure mind and this gets confused with duality. Pure mind and duality are not the same thing. Meditation to me is taking time to read something inspiring or simply relaxing and experiencing these divine thoughts.

Going into a religious frenzy or beating the chest , begging all of this is not worship. The greatest praise is to become like a child and not a beggar. To become a son or daughter - similar to the story of the returning prodigal son- this is the relationship we should seek. How happy the father was when his son returned to be with him.


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