Sunday, September 15, 2013


Why is it important to understand fog? Many will reach a point where they seem to be in a fog neither progressing or regressing. 

This happens to all spiritual travelers and is very common. 

Liken this to driving your car in the fog. Have patience and maintain your speed. Keep your light on for others to see. Below the fog is a beautiful valley and above the fog is a wonderful view from the mountaintop.

In James chapter 4 it explains that life is like the morning fog. Here today and gone tomorrow. We also are reminded here of patience and waiting for the fog to lift. We are reminded that anxiety is often a result of our sight. The fog is always temporary and to realize that can make a difference in how we react. You will find out that the most successful people in business are able to hold on to their positions without regard to circumstance. Faith is about making decisions based on goals and determination not sight.

Being September - thought of the song september morn. One of the lyrics is we traveled halfway around the world to find ourselves. Perhaps fog is a temporary illusion in which we find ourselves.


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