Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Divine Madness

Divine madness-
This phrase was first coined by Socrates the famous Greek philosopher and teacher. He was the teacher of Plato , who later taught Aristotle. He recognized a voice beyond himself constantly keeping him from danger. He would term the voice "divine madness" which was a blessing to all mankind. It was a kind of intuition or sixth sense that we all seem to have.
 Now Socrates most famous saying was  " I know I know nothing " . Here was the most brilliant person of his age and made that profound statement. Socrates had no particular belief system and he would usually answer a question with a question. I know this is something that annoys me - why not give a direct answer. I think it was out of respect for others opinions - some ask a question and may already have an answer but just want your insight or want to see if you know.
 Socrates was not alone in "divine madness" for men throughout history have learned to hear the still small voice. Amazing how some who do not even believe in God recognize a power beyond themselves. Just because a person does not believe - God still exists. Yes- Socrates held a believe in re-incarnation believing there was too much to learn and experience in one lifetime . He also believed in the soul - that it was to be nourished and kept pure and that the unknowable god wanted him to be a philosopher.  We hear of all the famous philosophers Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Buddha and many more all recognized the power beyond their own. Now - I do not blame or fault them for not believing in God. For to believe in God we have to define who God is and since that is impossible we can only speculate.
 As a christian I follow Jesus but it was some time before the knowledge of the Lord or the Light came my way. I struggled for many years before reading the bible and committing to Christ. It was like a great burden was lifted and 35 + years later still believe. Will I ever know all the things of God- like Socrates " I know I know nothing". It was recently that many Christians are beginning to study other religions , perhaps because of the internet with all the knowledge at their fingertips. I enjoy doing comparative religious studies but nothing compares to Jesus.
 Especially like to study holy men of all religions - the gurus, the teachers , the saints and theologians. Yes- I know we should not look on men or woman but it is intriguing. People are amazing and I like to see what drives them. A religion is not as interesting as the people - anyone can write something on paper as to what they may believe or strive to become. The amazing thing about Jesus is that he never wrote a book or a guide. All that is known about Jesus was written by others and Jesus thought the Holy Spirit or comforter was sufficient to teach us.
 I often had a habit of talking to myself - funny but my guess is we all do to a point. Listening is very hard - the holy man is the master of listening. Listening and discerning not necessarily commenting on everything will help you throughout life. We are supposed to carefully choose our words and the impact on others, it is not easy to discipline the tongue yet alone the mind. My goal is to have the mind of Christ, whether it is ever reached is not important but that is my goal.
 Colossians 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Imagine if Socrates was able to find the Lord and have a conversation, it almost seems unfair that he was born centuries before. The "divine madness" that is hardly explained away in science, philosophy or even religion is the gift that God gave to everyone to protect us, help in survival and to some a two-way communication giving thanks for that love and protection. There are some who thank God at least a hundred times a day- then there are others who take God for granted. For this I respect the Hindu and the Muslim - they are constantly thanking God - taking time out to pray in the middle of their day. If we were to roll out a prayer mat at work it may be taken as "divine madness" yet millions do and it is a part of the accepted culture.
 God is not a subconscious , God is a higher conscious - much higher.

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