Friday, April 13, 2012


 Everyone has a different taste for music it is almost like food. Some like the rock and roll , others pop or jazz , R&B  - classical and there are even many genres of gospel. What makes our toes begin to tap or gets us motivated is often found in music. Over the years I tried several instruments guitar , banjo, keyboard and others - my playing is not the greatest but do enjoy music. In church it is nice to hear a song of worship to get in the mood. Even before Jesus time music was always an important part of worship.The timbrel , the harp and the drum were always popular musical instruments and today various off springs of these banjo and guitar. The piano is almost a type of harp played with keys and pedals boxed in to produce a wider range of sounds.
 We are told in the book of Psalms to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  Not everyone is musically inclined and sometimes we do not have the best voices for the choir. I do believe that God loves worship and it is an important part of being a believer. Even Elvis got his start singing gospel as did the late Whitney Houston and many others. Music is even popular in the Hindu and other religions. American Indians and African tribal drums were considered the most sacred items and possessions. Even in the book of Revelations there are harps played. There are some christian however that will argue music is not appropriate in church services that it should not replace silence. There is a time for silence and also a time for musical worship. Even the American Indians had the drums and silent time, their worship to the Great Mystery was often defined as silent and solitary.
 There needs to be a balance of both music and silence neither is without merit, to me they are like the day and night times. Usually in the morning the sun is up we hear the birds singing , the rooster crows in the new day. At night we can see the moon it is somewhat quiet except for the nocturnal creatures there are always a few crickets singing. Everything is in gentle balance the day and the night. The important thing is that we have the right attitude in all things. If we are in harmony with God and worship out of love it is right on.
 Music has been around as long as worship for a reason, it is an expression of love and appreciation.

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