Monday, August 29, 2011

Ethics and Ethnics

 One of the subjects I remember when in college was christian ethics. It usually tends to lean toward what is right or wrong , simply put. We are also taught dispensation of grace and forgiveness among other subject matter. These ethical studies I find have been often missing by evangelical society. Everyone knows of God's amazing grace , he forgives even the undeserving as pointed out in book of Psalms and throughout scripture. We must also learn obedience in our walk.
 Ethnics is a subject often avoided - it speaks of our beginnings our background. Ethnicity can often become a permanent part of you, and sometimes we try to incorporate that into our walk. If you visit the town I was born in, there are Ukranian, Greek , Polish  and just about every ethnic church you can think of. Why is ethnicity brought into christian culture , often I ask myself that question. I prayed about this and we are not all the same , we are a multi- cultured people. There is no reason for us to all become German to be Lutheran, or Dutch to be Wesleyan. Imagine this if we spent all our energy trying to dispel the other christian due to their ethnicity- how would we reach the world with the gospel of peace.
 I accept any christian church of ethnicity or temperance as long as they have ethics. They teach the truth in that Jesus Christ came not to judge but save the world, in the teaching of Love , Hope and Forgiveness. My mother and I had a conversation about preaching, many of the young were falling away at her church - having children without getting married. Marriage seems to be on the chopping block in recent times. She said, her pastor was going to preach more about hell and put the fear of God back in the church. I was taken back by this and told her why not teach about inner peace and how important it is to keep this gift from Jesus Christ. Not only is salvation a gift  but Jesus said to his apostles my peace I leave unto you.
 There is always a big amen when souls are saved and go to the altar - many young , some fresh off the streets. What do you do after the dust settles, teach inner peace , teach the fruits of the Spirit of God. If the truth is told they will desire to be married under the bond of love for each other. The fear of God did little to sway the Egyptians , how many plagues did it take for the tribes of Israel to gain their freedom. The new testament of Christ teaches us to love the Lord with all our hearts and minds, let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. How can we steer the young folks with plaques or a promise of hell. I think with the rapid growth of the church and perhaps zeal of wanting to bring many into the fold , the teaching of obedience to God was left out of the equation.
 I find many evangelical churches are trying to increase their numbers at the expense of good teaching. They find themselves overwhelmed with too few leaders and stability becomes a problem. The church is becoming a social ground and not holy ground. Personally - I do not believe in mega churches, they have a history of being too impersonal ,  people tend to flock to them though. It is entertaining , they have big screens and make a lot of noise. When God is a still small voice that is drowned out, then how can we hear Gods voice to be obedient. We need to teach christian ethics as part of the body of Christ- Just a thought.

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