Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holy Water for sale

 We see in movies this magical water called holy water when sprinkled on vampires makes them pour out smoke. I was curious about this special water with all respect to the religious of its power. Water  has always been an important elements of the Christian faith understanding this element would seem crucial to study. I also would note that holy water is used in the Catholic, some Lutheran, many christian churches in the Hindu and other religions. What makes water holy is that it is blessed by a priest. My wife is a catholic and we have a vial of this holy water purchased directly from the Vatican. I respect her beliefs and by the way I attend Lutheran services in which we do not use holy water , it may be an individual thing or maybe an attending catholic likes to use the baptismal fount out of practice. I say this because sometimes my wife comes to church with me and sometimes we go to catholic services.
  The power to create holy water is another religious practice that I will not judge as some are offended, I could not find a reference to holy water in the bible. Just because it is not in the bible does not mean it is wrong or right. We often have prayer shawls and other items we distribute to the members of the church that are sick to bring comfort. If this gives some comfort to sprinkle blessed water to deter evil then it may be a matter of personal faith. I will however oppose the sale of such things as to bring a profit to the church and also to sell this at $15.00 a bottle on seems odd. The various religious items of crosses, amulets, beads and such things for sale to me are an affront to Christ , I remember the Jesus that went into the temple and upturned the tables of such vendors. He said my house is to be a house of prayer, evil is defeated by prayer.  Why do we subject ourselves to fear and allow it to effect the inner peace?
 We can defeat fear and evil by understanding the origin - do these imps exists. Is holy water effective against these imps which I call them. Yes - maybe temporary effective but if you want to defeat them forever pray - your inner faith is more likely to work than the potion of a priest.
 Sometimes I will purchase a bottle of spring water not knowing its origin- the label may say it is from the cloister of brethren or mountain springs of France. Does this water have a healthier value than tap water -hmm. I always felt better to drink it and it seems special cause its expensive. Sure it may have been filtered by the tiny rocks and sand in the spring or would just a pure water filter work from home depot. All these things when put into perspective do not matter.
 I do know that we are told by Jesus " I am the living water by drinking the living water one can drink and never thirst again."and John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. So, what is more important faith as Jesus describes in living water or holy water. I will take the living water any day -amen.

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