Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Vision of Version

 In my studies of the bible , I tried many approaches. Also studied along with other groups of persons many well educated ,  and some just have a gift of discernment. Perhaps the most studied book in the world the holy bible has been re-written hundreds of times in various languages, versions , reference and study forms. Please do not let this confuse or discourage you as it often can lead to division amongst scholarly persons. We often go back to original hebrew or latin translation to get  deeper meaning. I can tell you this in all honesty the english is sufficient. I received the Holy Ghost and was able to find salvation reading the english version.
 I did have to study the latin, hebrew and greek to get  piece of paper toward a degree in theology. My vision of Gods word is not one of such great mystery or requiring mastery of an ancient language. The english is sufficient, do not get drawn into arguments of doctrine and theology. I have already gone down that road, it is more important  to know the nature of Christ and be able to apply that to our daily lives than the historical trek of the Jews and their customs. I do have volumes of books on those subjects world history and customs. Love, Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed are my only doctrine. These are all biblical and also the basis of many of the worlds religions.
 People of learning can sometimes  lose sight of the vision. The vision is to know the nature of Christ and apply that knowledge  in conquering fear , sickness - evil or whatever obstacle crosses your path. Keep in mind every parable has an application, a lot of prophecy has already been fulfilled. We live in the present do not get caught up in history or futuristic ideals. It is not just to live for the hope of someday making it to heaven. Live for today, enjoy your life - Jesus last words to the apostles were peace be unto you. Jesus wanted us to have personal peace of mind, he then breathed upon them the Holy Ghost. What I have found most about being in Christ is a peace that passes all understanding, I believe this was the peace Jesus was talking about.
 I do not want to share the gospel just for the purpose of the after life but in this life also. We have a joyful life to be shared now in the present. This is a gift apart from salvation the gift of peace. -Amen

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