Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Franchise religion

In our modern age where franchising seems to be a popular business model , we find many churches are similar. Though we can usually rely on the menu being the same , there seems to be something missing. We are also seeing a lot of independent churches cropping up , offering a community format and sometimes other surprises on the menu.

The community church has been the format since the earlier days of christianity. We did not have denominations or sects. Timothy and Paul often referred to the church by their community and each had some unique attributes. They were not cookie cutter churches as some may believe. Some were praised by the apostles and some were even criticized. Even so they retained their own uniqueness.

As you may someday want to venture into a community church, I would highly recommend this. You will find a true wholesomeness often they are run by husband and wife. The elders are usually upstanding citizens in the community and many have just the basics of christianity no complex dogma. The community church is also more involved with the social aspects effecting their particular community.

Finding a good community church is easier today as they seem to be reaching out more, many still have the evangelical zeal of early christianity.

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