Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Who is Mary?

Some may believe Mary was special and some do not. Jesus himself said that it was more important to do his fathers will than to honor each other. He also was concerned for his mothers care before going to the cross, and Mary brought birth to Christ and was filled with the holy spirit.

Does Mary appear to others through time , to comfort the sick and promote peace?
I believe that Mary existed even at the beginning in a goddess form and exists today. Appearing as needed throughout life. The Hindus sometimes have a shakti experience where a goddess appears. In my own life have experienced that divine loving female presence. Of course each person has an explanation of this presence according to their belief system.

As the Catholics have elevated Mary to the queen of heaven. To me the most loving being ever and full of joy was and is Mary. I am not a catholic by upbringing however do uphold the presence of Mary is real.

Is the Mary of the bible , Jesus mother the same goddess of the Hindu? I have wrestled about this question for years. I believe it is possibly so. Though many would argue Mary was only Jesus mother in human form. Merely a vessel to bring forth the Christ. Some may say this is just a story , created by just another religious mind. No matter which theory you go with the loving and joyful presence of some feminine divine character appears throughout history.

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