Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Claim to fame

Everyone inherently wants fame, we all want to be successful. How do we become successful? What does success bring, first and foremost you like yourself. You are content with who you have become or at least at peace within. Does money determine success? Not always some of the most wealthy men and women do not feel successful. Does beauty determine success? Some of the most beautiful people are tormented with failure. Does having a lot of friends and admirers determine success? Many politicians and stars suffer from depression and turn to drugs. WHAT DETERMINES SUCCESS!!

First you have to find what NOT to claim.

Do not claim pain! Do not claim suffering! Do not claim glory!

All of these belong to God , which is actually an insult if you claim them. We may feel pain at times , we may feel like suffering ... Do not claim them. Jesus the Christ , who died on the cross claimed all your pain and suffering. You may think this is radical , however it is the truth. Believe in this and it will set you free from pain and suffering.

Do not claim the Glory. All Glory belongs to God , whatever your religious belief is. Claiming Glory leads to pride and that leads to a fall. God knows that glory can lead to a fall , therefore we give all the glory to God. Yes it is OK to take credit for your hard work as long as you give it back to God in the form of Glory. These are concepts few will understand which in fact lead to success.

Claim these things - PEACE , JOY and HAPPINESS.
It is an insult to refuse such wonderful gifts. Peace that passes all understanding, Joy that is beyond measure and Happiness which is the true measure of success.

Pray with me the claim to fame prayer, Refuse to claim pain and suffering or any glory.
Claim Peace , Joy and Happiness.


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