Monday, November 25, 2013

The Chicken and The Egg

We seem to all come back to the question what came first the chicken or the egg?
This question can be answered by a motion picture depicting the egg being laid , the egg hatching growing to a chicken , then another egg laid repeating the cycle over.

We also come into contention with what is called the mobius strip or cylinder in which a continuos surface is twisted in such away connecting back to itself. It is often the symbol used for eternity this twisted loop. Infinitely describing a scenario with no beginning or end.

We can only view one flat surface at any given point in time but actually the strip is two flat surfaces..

This is very much like going back and forth into time. We can only view as much of the surfaces that our memories will allow. What if we were able to tap into the consciousness of all life. We would see all sides of the cylinder front and back. This is very much what it is like living in the spirit. You begin to see everything as a never ending unfolding story. Very similar to how Ende saw it, who wrote the never ending story.

We hear of the saying the ends justify the means, what if there is no end? No means? No chicken?No egg? We would not need justification. We would not even need to hear. We would just exist or not exist - eternal bliss. We would choose to live on the visible or the not visible side of the cylinder. We would see the invisible become reality and reality disappear becoming invisible.

Meditating on this cylinder is something that helps me to understand relationship between realities. Some call us dreamers as it may seem like we are in a trance like state or dream state. It first happened in a classroom to me as a child. We were in a math class , I entered the dream state found myself in band playing cymbals. When the teacher dismissed the class in my hands were a set of cymbals. Not ever remembering where they came from - this was math class.

Driving a  car to the hospice to visit a friend, stopping at a light and slipped into another consciousness. Experienced what seemed liked weeks in a few seconds someone in the car poked me and said Earl are you ok, the light changed to green. It happened time and time again soon realized it would have to be controlled some way. It was like being the real Dr Who.. slipping through time and space. On one particular occasion appeared in a goblin world. It was all too real , actually frightened the goblins along a hillside. I wrote a poem , where the goblins roam.

Not sure what came first the chicken or the egg , one thing sure is that I have lived an incredible life or lives.


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