Thursday, November 28, 2013


I was on a flight last week from Chicago to Philadelphia and sat next to a chemist. We had a fruitful conversation about family and talked the whole flight.

In the office space often what we refer to as office chemistry it is more of a mix of personality and skills. Good chemistry is very important in order to achieve business objectives and overall atmosphere.

What we consider the periodic chart and chemistry was practiced for thousands of years under various names alchemy , medicine and various uses defined a broad science. We have today a life today where food is produced with various combinations of additives and flavor enhancements. Our clothing is no longer 100% cotton, poly substances make up most materials.

Our life is surrounded by vinyls and plastics , liquids and resins, carbon fibers and aluminum. Chemistry is probably the most exciting field today. Though most will get into engineering or accounting or get a phd in medicine before considering this often forgotten field.

The chemist is not as glamorous as a sports figure or politician yet they have more of an effect on society than most. The alchemist was usually thought of as someone that produced magic. Actually chemistry may seem like magic to the untrained. We often see the mad science experiment performed by our wacky high school science teacher. Smoke coming from liquid nitrogen or inhaling helium and making our voices sound like daffy duck.

The fact is we are made up of chemicals water mostly, and probably another dozen or so natural elements. Lately we can add over 200 synthetic elements not natural to the body. Why the great increase in un-natural and synthetic particles? Partly in the way we grow our food with non-orgnic fertilizers and mostly additives too numerous to mention.

The reason this is all so important is the various health conditions that are being uncovered, unfortunately many among our children. Cancers of the colon ,prostate and pancreas are on the rise.
Breast cancer , testicular cancers not to mention lung and facial cancers. Carcinomas were once rare now are common. Are we chemically aware as a society - it seems like we are becoming more chemically aware compared to twenty years ago. Now the packaging has to disclose the ingredients due to allergies etc.

Are we all chemically the same - NO! It is proven some are allergic to some substances and some are prone to diabetic conditions. The basic ingredients are there Yet we are all unique chemically. We may one day discover chemistry is a spiritual reaction also. Where you live, what you eat , what you do for a living all effect your life force. You may be happier living in clean air , drinking clean water. Eating certain foods that may satisfy a chemical balance or avoiding some.

There is more to spirituality than just belief - we need to view our environment and other catalysts to find a pure life style.


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