Monday, November 25, 2013

Goat or Turkey

I asked a friend of mine from India if he was having turkey for Christmas and he smiled. They are having a goat leg with thigh with special seasoning and barbecue. While it seemed out of the ordinary to me goat is popular in parts of Africa and India.

Many will have chicken or ham foregoing the traditional turkey dinner. In our office we were given an office party choice of tacos or fajitas. No matter what the meal it is a time for thanks and giving. We live in a time when the largest (super) tsunami hit the philippines and hurricane Sandy is still in cleanup almost a year later.

Weather seems to be getting more severe and with the internet and cellular we are more aware of every tragedy. We are connected by social networks twitter and Facebook. Linked In to business associates and old classmates. The new technology cloud can store all of our pictures , videos or presentations and give access to one of several media tools including our cars , our cell phones, tablets or laptops. The mobile revolution is taking place at this very moment. Everything is in motion-- I recently attended an international conference on information technology. The amount of data has grown more in the past two years than all of the previous years combined.

Perhaps we will have  turkey this year if we take the time to prepare the traditional meal or stay in motion. To me it is a time to sit still, turn off the videos and mobile devices. Talk to each other in the often forgotten art of conversation. Turn off the news - talk about family. Whether it is goat or turkey enjoy the time together.

Peace to all.

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