Friday, April 26, 2013

The Kiss

  It was an another night of caring for my son and an elder gentlemen who was full of anxiety.
 Reminded of the story of Jesus casting out legion or all the little problems looking like a big one. (post on Legion). As I was resting had a visitation - somewhere between the dream world and reality. A joyful being or spirit came alongside my cheek and gave me a kiss. It was a bit awkward as the little angel  spoke much faster than could be understood. My first impression was on no! not another data transmission. However it was different the angel just kissed me on the cheek and the words plainly understood were  "I love you".
 It was the first time nothing was expected or a volume of information was given. Such a simple message and something that was needed. Not sure why God uses ministering spirits but they are very real.


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