Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remember George at Christmass

 Every Christmass, I remember Jesus Christ first whom we celebrate his birth, and also remember the sacrifice of all the colonial soldiers , men and woman who supported our first president George Washington  to win our freedom and form our great nation at Valley Forge during Christmass which is not far from where I live.



Remember George at Valley Forge.
This was not just a fable.
A week before Christmass no meat
for the table.

One fourth the army had died from starvation
A great sacrifice to birth a nation.
In all his armys agony and despair.
They drew their strength from the leader they had there.

He was taller than most and stood out among the ranks,
The father of our country, whom today I will give thanks.
Instead of giving up and letting their hearts roam.
He crossed the Delaware river, and chased the enemy home.

Here we welcome all people, the tired and the poor.
But it took a lot of sacrifice a revolutionary war.
When we sit down at Christmass dinner and on the feast we gorge.
Remember our troops, our freedom and George at Valley Forge.

Saint Eule

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