Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Faith or Faust

 Today, I was in a real good mood not knowing why perhaps it was a good nights sleep or maybe just not caring about troubles. It rained most of the day and it seemed like things at work were more chaotic than usual with many requests. Still nothing penetrated my inner spirit - it was a great day. I was not taking any drugs or anything but felt a little different. I think after going through a lot of trials it was just the light at the end of tunnel feeling. Spent last week in the hospital but I won't go into details just that it was not good. I had surgery and you know it was ok. The doctors and nurses kept asking me if I was in pain but honestly felt fine as they were cutting away. It was nice to have faith to rely on and especially when you need it.
  What is faith - to me . Perhaps it means something else to you. To me it is not just believing but experiencing , to go beyond what we think is possible. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Now I just took this from scripture but faith results in substance and evidence. If we practice faith it will produce substance - it could be a material thing, though I do not long for these. It means more to me to have peace of mind and balance than a new car or material wealth. Even though God has blessed us, it takes very little to make me happy. It is more important to focus on contentment than gain.  
 We had a large meeting the other day and there were over a hundred persons in the room, I was listening to some complaining. I had just gotten back from surgery the day before and quietly thought how some like to complain just for the sake of it. They hardly had a reason , after a few hours realized most of the grief we bring on ourselves, by setting goals that are worldly. My goal was not to complain for as long as possible, at the end of the day felt great- goal achieved.

 There was a man in literature who complained a lot, he was never satisfied. He ended up making a pack with the devil. His name was Faust as some of you may know. Faust wanted material wealth and power and would do anything to achieve this. In the end he was still not happy but was left with a debt he owed , his soul to the devil. It is important to note this was not just a story there are many Faust in this world- who make such pacts. They are never satisfied , one sign of a Faust is the complaining. They have the new car but complain about the trim or the gas mileage , well maybe they should have not bought a hummer. They complain about the heating bill but live in a three story home or about all the grass to mow, did you really need 5 acres. If you had a townhouse maybe you would have time to read your favorite novel and relax.

 In reality if we can get by with less and have peace of mind , we are better off. I am not saying do not get the things you need or even desire but have balance. Especially around the holidays which used to be about reflecting on Christ now it was turned into a spending frenzy by many. I can say we can easily get caught along with the crowds, I have been guilty of this also. Exercise control and contentment in the end when the mail comes it may just be a greeting card not a bill. My gift this week was just being here and am grateful for that. - peace.

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