Monday, December 26, 2011

The Odyssey

Forging on to the New Year - we hear rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. We first hear of the word Odyssey when the epic poet and writer Homer writes his sequel to the Illiad , the sequel is full of strange creatures and cannibals - mystical potions filled Homer's imagination. Homer's was such a great writer his stories were often believed , some even shaped Greek culture and the gods he created were brought to life and statues made and worshiped.
 Then there was George Orwell who wrote Animal Farm and 1984, of course animals did not take over mankind and 1984 come and went. Then we had Arthur C. Clarke  who wrote 2001 Space Odyssey which he starts out in the forward saying there are enough stars to give every one on earth present and past their own star to be a private heaven or hell. Of course 2001 came and went  NASA has since lost funding we never did make it to the stars. We thought it was enough to set up a lab in space and play chess. Perhaps prove that man can live in anti- gravity for sustained periods of time.
  Then someone picked up on some ancient idea that since the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 it must be the end of the world. They even made a movie 2012 which was pretty good almost as vivid as Homers and Arthur C. Clarke's Odysseys. We have somewhat of an attraction to the unknown  some believe in the aliens of the Odyssey but do not believe in God. A writers epic over the Bible , some even believe that perhaps the Bibles Revelation is such an Odyssey. The Bible has been studied by literally thousands upon thousands of scholars. Many devoting not a leisurely afternoon of reading but their entire lives to the book.
  The Bible states no one knows the end of times. Mathew 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.
Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
 Jesus is saying he does not even know the hour only His  Father knows. This may come as a shock but how can anyone know the end of humanity , any angel or according to scripture even Jesus. Anyone who prophesies or builds their church on this lie , that they know the end of times is a liar. We are told of signs in the book of Revelations , some things about horseman and the price of oil and wheat will rise. Revelations 6:5-6 Implies extreme inflation Yes the price of oil has more than quadrupled in (2) years, the price of wheat gone up seven times. I keep track of this because it is one of my hobbies - trading commodities.  I confess have taken profit from God's word but not millions do not read the bible just for profit but it is profitable. Food will continue to rise because it is in the scriptures, I do not know the end of times. If I said so, would be a liar but do know that inflation will be rampant in 2012.
 How can we survive inflation, you can learn to live with less. Do not believe your pensions and money will be enough. If someone said to you a box of corn flakes which was 19 cents, when I was born would be almost 4 dollars - they would call you an idiot. Yet , starting in 1908 it had just gone from 10 cents to 19 cents in 50 years-not so bad only double. In 1955 to 2011 went up twenty times in price. On the current trend a box of corn flakes if they are still available will cost in 2050 almost 100 dollars. This is not prophesy but simple mathematics, if you are twenty years old now and plan to live to seventy years old, that would be something to think about. Not trying to be scary , but we cannot live on the current food staples it would just be too expensive. I predict you will see other sources of protein and grain substitutes. You will not know what is in the food only its nutritional value unless you grow it yourself.
 We will see more seaweed and lichen products , out of thousand of species only 4% of mushrooms are edible but only a few species of lichen are not edible. This includes various types of fungus and red algae also they have anti-biotic properties which prevent disease, Yes -reindeer food is the future that is what they eat. What I am saying is we have been sold a commercial mindset by TV etc. that will be challenged in the future. We are way behind in food science and production.
 We think that disease , earthquakes or nuclear warfare will be the end of civilization-perhaps  , I say the next trial will be starvation and thirst. We are already seeing starvation on an increase not in third world countries but in the USA. You see a  lot of the newer food stores becoming popular among the poor and middle class with dented cans and nearly outdated foods. We see dumpster diving on the rise not for clothes or spare parts but FOOD. Why don't we see new food sources being explored why is the FDA working with companies to prevent these from coming to market. Why are they trying to make vitamins a prescription drug.  Why, why , why are people starving because of money --- the root of evil. The more we print , the more people will starve.
 Can Jesus help us by multiplying the fishes, making the bread feed a multitude. Maybe if we each eat what we need and are not gluttons. Recycle the food , stop plowing it under to raise the prices. When gas was just heading out of control, the consumer commercials were selling us SUV's and Hummers. Why was the government  giving a tax break for heavy load vehicles, instead of fuel efficient ones. We see more commercials on super size specials for fast food. When I was a kid there was no such thing as a Whopper or Big Mac. What is going on here gluttony just before the food prices go through the roof. Yes - our minds are being brainwashed into gluttony. This is the future or we can change it and turn off the TV. Vote out the magnates that are constantly raising the debt ceiling and printing more dollars so we can buy less. I do not like politics - do not even like to get on the same worldly plane . I want to stay on a spiritual plane and in order for our children and grandchildren to survive we need to get out the survival book , the Bible. Teach against gluttony and basic principles of the loaves and fishes, we need to give the fish a chance to multiply, quit polluting the water. Quit eating Big Macs and Whoppers, it takes too much grain to grow livestock. - learn to grow food in  a garden. Quit depending on others, the guy in the clown suit or the one who thinks he is the king-  Jesus is the King-Do not live in the Odyssey . The Bible  still the best guide for healthy living, finance  and peace of mind for  the New Year.

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