Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Faith Seed

 A person who has been in the faith for a long time and especially one who has witnessed spiritual manifestation or miracles is not necessarily the one with the most measure of faith. According to scripture it more blessed to have not seen and still believe. We see the excitement of new believers often becoming more ambitious in their salvation after making such a leap. Soren Kierkegaard who was a great christian theologian of the 1800's wrote about this in his spiritual writings. One who is coming from an objective uncertainty and makes that leap has more faith during that moment in their life than any other.
 Does this mean our faith diminishes or does not grow with time. Not necessarily but if the seed of faith is not planted in good ground and watered it will not grow. The miracle of the faith seed , is the size is  compared to a mustard seed being very tiny. How it is made to grow and is cared for will depend on its success. We cannot rely on miracles or follow them to grow to our full spiritual potential. Only faith pleases God , and this is expressed throughout history and scripture. How pleasing is it for a person who comes from objective uncertainty to salvation - very pleasing. We can sense the power of the Lord , when salvation is preached and new believers come to Christ.
 We often look for revival or pray for it in a church, we can see those that grow are those that preach salvation and have an evangelical format. The existing congregation can experience a revival if they make a leap of faith toward other uncertainties. I remember going to church a few times before the message of salvation was preached, what if I had not returned the 3rd time.
 I was starting to be uncertain of keeping my blog but then realized that maybe just one person may get  something from it. If anything it is sort of like writing spiritual  memoirs that you are willing to share. The worst thing to me is to have no beliefs at all , no faith and to not be willing to share it.
My intention is only to share and let the one who reads make their own leap from an objective standpoint. 
 Faith is a leap to higher ground , even a flea has mastered the art.   

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