Sunday, January 29, 2012

He was not

  Enoch - walked with God and he was not.
 A strange somewhat mysterious thing happened- Enoch disappeared. Could he have been abducted by aliens or angels so to speak. Did he enter another dimension or did Enoch find the gate , the narrow gate spoken about in the bible that few will find. It is written that God took him away.
We also read of the transfiguration of Jesus , where Moses and Elijah appeared. Elijah the second person in the bible to have disappeared.It is written chariots of fire appeared and that he was taken in a whirlwind. We also find that Moses had died but the Lord had taken him and buried him, no one knew where his grave was.
  We see later where Jesus died and was resurrected from the dead. He stayed for awhile upon the earth , had conversations with his mother and also the apostles. He is said to also return again some day, the second coming. What can we depict from all this, that those who had walked with God were taken and some returned or will return. Death really had no power over these men , they were of faith. Now what also amazes me is that  some were able to describe the kingdom of heaven even before they died or were taken. To be able to describe something you had to have been there.
 That is why I believe heaven is an actual place that exists it amazes me how some believe heaven was not created yet. It has always been there and Satan was cast down from heaven. We can see Elijah was taken , so was Enoch where did they go? heaven. I also am amazed at those who think they are going to have to wait till they die to be cleansed from sin. The fact that Isaiah was cleansed by a heavenly being and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles to cleanse them. Many men and woman today have received the Holy Spirit and been cleansed, my experience can also tell you - this is real.
 Have some been taken by God , since Enoch - perhaps some are taken from this world and may return in another time.We live in the bubble of time but does God? What we experience first hand is precedent over what we read or others suppose. I believe Enoch was taken by God as the bible states. I also believe in a narrow passage or gate where heaven is able to be visited by persons even today. The people in the bible did not all just have visions - some went there.

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